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P.L. Zylanoff M.D. | Psychiatrist | Marlette, MI Counseling Counseling drop shadow

Trust Your Mental Health to US

P.L. Zylanoff M.D. has been helping people for over 40 years

The difference between psychiatry and counseling

A doctor of psychiatry is a regular doctor who went on to specialize in mental disorders.

A psychiatrist deals with the medical aspects of mental health, while counselors use talk

therapy to assist clients.

A psychiatrist, namely Dr. P.L. Zylanoff would prescribe medications to help patients manage symptoms and feel better. Dr. P.L. Zylanoff can also conduct the physical examination and also mental tests. Based on these tests, she conducts psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and/or cognitive behavioral therapy to help the patient feel better.


The medical training that she has received sets Dr. P.L. Zylanoff apart from other mental health professionals.

What a psychiatrist can do for you